Orgeo – Online entry and results system

About, an Internet-service to help an Organizer – service for organization of sports events. Organizers add events, and coaches and athletes – watch events calendar and claim to take part, in teams or individually.
Organizer can publish online results himself with the help of

Online entry for participation in competitions

Event organizers are adding their competitions. Events calendar is build on that basis for different regions. Organizer indicates when to open and close online entry for his event.

Any user can view a calendar of events and submit his registration claims to participate in the activities. To make an online entry, you need to log in to our system.

Applications for the sport competition can be made from a certain team, either in person or on the national team of a city, area or regions of Russia, Ukraine, Kazakhstan and Belarus. Also available online-entry of athletes from any other country of the world. All types of application forms allow you to enter multiple participants at one time.

Finish on-line

Example window with online-finish broadcasting to Orgeo Event organizers can arrange online broadcast of competition finish results with the help of service.

Currently is available broadcast from WinOrient and SFR event center programs. Organizer just need to create competition, upload the start protocol into it and make some simple settings in the program.

The configuration process of online broadcasts is described in our FAQ.

Main system features and possibilities of a user

  • Submit entries for the competition. Also provides easy input of previously entered participants and bulk import from a text file;
  • Add new teams and it's members;
  • Convenient way to track events, including a calendar and a site widget;
  • Additional features for organizers:
    • Add events and manage them at any time and from any device;
    • Create venues of activities, indicating their location on the interactive map;
    • Manage the online-entry, make an export of registered participants into CSV and Excel spreadsheets for further import into special software;
    • Broadcast the results from the finish-line.

To register as an organizer, you should log in to our system, and after that submit Request for organizator rights.


Service Orgeo is universal and suitable for a variety of sports. At the moment, the system provides the following sports:

If you would like to add another sport, please contact us about this through our feedback form.

Site Widget

Widget will show upcoming events of desired region and/or type of sport. Generate Widget for Your site.

Orgeo in social networks

System is represented in following social networks:     . You can subscribe to the newsletter or joining our group there.

Questions, ideas and technical support

A more detailed description of the system and information on new developments can be found in our blog about Orgeo system (in russian language). If you have any ideas to improve functionality or have comments, you can express them on a special page Ideas.

If you have any question you can contact us through our feedback form.