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22-28 октября 2018   Анадырь, Анадырь

Яндекс Касса - тест

Sport tourism, climbing. Training.

Registration finished 21.10.2018 00:00 MSK


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SeqNum Full NameClubQualYearSIStatus
1Cccc Cccc2 Vuktyl, personalб/р1992Paid
SeqNum Full NameClubQualYearSIStatus
1Adsasa Ds Vuktyl, personalб/р1992Payment waiting
2Bbbbb Bbbbред Adygejsk, personalб/р1992Paid
3Cccc Cccc Vuktyl, personalб/р1992Paid
4Ssss Ss Vuktyl, personalб/р1992Payment waiting
5Zzz Zzz Syktyvkar, personalб/р1992Payment waiting
6Zzz Zzzy Syktyvkar, personalб/р1992Payment waiting
7Аввакумов Кирилл Republic Komi, personalI2002Payment waiting

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